Steel Magic

It's time for something new! As an artist, I am always looking for the ultimate way to produce my art and improve my skills. Trying to find the ultimate combination of my passion with my fascinations, my imagination, my philosophy and my abilities. To keep evolving myself and my art, there has been a period of experimenting, trial and error, discovering and selecting. 

Steel has been in my head for quite a while, thanks to the motorcycle artwork, I finally started to experiment with it. A strong material, created with fire but is still fragile when it's exposed to water and air.  The black colour of the metal before the oxide skin appears and the silver colour in its core, gave me new ideas for a new series. In all my work I strive to capture a feeling of warmth, elegance and strength. The cold feeling of metal challenges me to find that right balance with the lifelike colours of oil paint and create a sense of warmth in these artworks. 

For my steel series I wanted to combine multiple materials to create intriguing layers. Gold leaf has always been one of my favourite materials to work with and , in contrast with the steel, gives you a warm and rich feeling. Little holes and cracks in the golden layer, connect to the pained base layer of the figure. 

As a finish, I use a glossy varnish, that reflects the lights and darks in its surroundings. But also deepens the reflection of the steel and gold leaf, versus the oil paint that embodies the hand painted figures. 

Take a look at the Steel Collection to explore the magic it made 

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