Wiebert & Burghardt

We are proud to introduce our new Wiebert atelier! In the middle of the Hubert hall we turned a container into a studio, in which the brand new Wiebert_resident Melissa Burghardt gets to work. Melissa starts a special project for her residency: painting on a motorcycle. From October 22nd until November 6th you can see how she turns this two-wheeler into a real ridable artwork.

Melissa Burghardt is a visual artist from Nijmegen. She studied Industrial Product Design at HAN and went to America to study art after that. Here she was able to develop her hobby as a painter and discovered the art of oil painting. Back in the Netherlands she started her own company 'Burghardt Fine Art' to continue her life as an artist and improve her skills even more.

Using multiple layers of different media, Melissa builds her paintings to open up a world for others to explore. To bring her artwork to life she finishes the paintings with oil paint to create intriguing depths. Inspired by old artists such as Michelangelo and Leonarde da Vinci, but also modern artists such as Dimitra Milan and Kim Rose Art. This bike will be in line with her new collection of paintings, made on steel, which will leave a luxurious impression in every room.

With background as a product designer, Melissa has always been fascinated by industrial products and different materials. Therefore, combining art and functional objects is  an ultimate combination for her. In addition, she has had a love for motorcycles for a long time and she can't wait to drive around on her own work of art.


- Alex Schreuder Goedheijt 

Archief - WIEBERT

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