Gone cut.jpg


Original; oil on canvas 16x20 inches

‘Ever since I was a child I have been in contact with motorcycles. My father used to do road races and my mother used to ride one when she was young. At my parents place we had a moped my older sister mostly used, to drive around the green meadow behind our house. Whenever I get the chance to, I love to sit at the back of my fathers motorcycle when he goes for a ride or join him to the camping in Assen, to see the TT races and be entertained by all the spectacles happening that weekend. As a product designer, these industrial monsters intrigue me and make me feel excited whenever I see one. While I was making this painting, ultimate freedom and new journeys came to my mind. One of my goals is to get my own motorcycle, just like my father, my sister nowadays and the boy next door.’

— Melissa