Nr 9 cut.jpg

Nr 9 

Original; oil on canvas 24x36 inches

‘Sometimes I imagine a painting and start looking for some pictures to be able to paint it realistic. Other times, I see pictures that inspire me like in this case. The thing that attracted me the most to this model, was his confidence. To me, it gave me a feeling of strength but sweet comfort without arrogance blocking the connection. I have always had a soft spot for tattoo’s. Life stories that are not hidden under a thick skin or just for the love of art. I had to project my perspective on canvas so others could feel the same.

A boys name or description for this painting felt insufficient to me. It took a while but suddenly number nine popped into my mind and I could not let it go. I am born on the 9th of December 1994, my lucky number. The ‘Clouds’ series are the first prints I am selling. Somewhere I know that this painting will bring me some luck, he is my number nine. ’

- Melissa