Pioneer your vision

‘I feel like art is my escape to paradise. It helps me push the limits of my comfort zone. Every painting is a new journey and exploring is the golden thread that guides you through all of the stories. Painting is my tool to make my imagination reachable, my dictionary to understand what I feel and my map to guide me where my heart wants to go. For the audience, I want them to feel a world of possibilities, freedom and desires to open up. Fearlessly living in the moment is what I want to evoke in their hearts.’

— Melissa Burghardt

Melissa Burghardt is a fine artist from the Netherlands. She grew up in de Achterhoek where she lived with her parents in the countryside. During her years at university she lived in Arnhem and spend parts of her education in Nijmegen and Amsterdam. During her graduation project, a dear friend referred her to Dimitra Milan on Instagram. Burghardt was so inspired by her artwork that she went to America after she graduated as a Product Designer. Burghardt left everything behind, flew to a different continent to live with people she  never met before. She committed fully to the unknown. She followed her dreams to become an artist. Very quickly she improved her skills and the quality of her paintings and started selling her work internationally. Before she graduated at the Milan Art Institute she already has her work in galleries and has had multiple shows where her art was enthusiastically received.

Burghardt wants to motivate others to step out of their comfort zone and explore the dreams kept deep in their heart. Through her paintings you can see her personal development and the journey she is taking, literally and figuratively. Multiple layers of paint and growth are found in her work. Fearlessly living in the moment is what she wants to evoke in peoples hearts. She once said; ' You are not afraid to dream, now tell me you are not afraid to make it happen either.' 

Burghardt uses several different mediums in her process. She loves to use inks that will find their own paths. She finds every edge of the canvas to cover it with her imagination and uses different textures to let the viewer discover new details when they come closer to the artwork. With multiple layers of various mediums Burghardt builds up her paintings to unlock a world for others to explore. To make it really come alive she finishes the paintings with oils to create intriguing depths and awaken the pioneer of the viewer. 

Melissa Burghardt