The Artist

Hi there! How are you?  
My name is Melissa Burghardt and I would love to tell you a bit more about me and my art. 

In my art I draw inspiration from a lot of different elements - old master artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, nature, architecture, design, modern-day artists, but also experiences and feelings. Every day I see things that I find beautiful, but I have to pick and choose not to end up in chaos. Like how a bee is drawn to honey, the artist will find the elements that suit him best. An individual painting might be inspired by something new, but it will have the same base, that will be repeated in every work. 

Painting is limitless. It's an illusion in reality. I have always been drawn to the power of images. As an artist, I am able to give the world something new, created with my hands right out of my imagination. In my work I prefer to emphasise the feeling of strength and warmth. Even while creating, I want to have the feeling of purity, happiness and light. With my work, I love to fill a space with the luxurious feeling of handcrafted quality, and see to what conversations they lead. I believe that it is my lives purpose to make the viewer wonder and bring them into a realm of colour. In the end, I hope my art touches peoples harts and inspires new generations.